Eclipse Television

Eclipse Television is an innovative creator of television programming from concept to creation.

Eclipse develops, produces and syndicates a variety of sports, family and entertainment television programs for broadcast distribution in both domestic and international markets. Eclipse also livestreams content to Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch, and YouTube.

Eclipse partners with our corporate sponsors to produce highly rated content that showcase their brand in interesting and innovative ways. These include:

  • EA Football Preview special, EA Sports Basketball Preview, EA Masters Preview, EA High School All American hours
    2005 - 2022 Eclipse has produced two dozen sports preview shows for Electronic Arts in conjunction with the release of their best selling video games. Hosted by top talent with features on the Sports top stars (Usain Bolt, Tim Tebow, Tiger Woods, Drew Brees, etc), these shows are a key piece of EA Sports marketing efforts.
  • Show Dog Championship and Incredible Dog Challenge
    2009 - 2023 Eight hours of syndicated dog competition programs that include best in show, agility racing, diving competitions, hurdle racing and more. Title sponsored by Purina.
  • NBA 2K Road to the Championship and All Star Preview.
    2015-2017 Two livestream $250,000 video game competitions. Eclipse used a second set of announcers to produce two national syndicated network sports specials.
  • Jeep King of the Mountain Downhill Ski Series
    1993 - 2010 A United States based alternative to the World Cup of ski racing. Johnson, Moe, Zurbriggen, Heinzer, Jacobellis, Klammer, Alphand – a veritable who's who in ski racing competing for over $400,000 in prize money and the coveted Jeep King of the Mountain World Championship.
  • Better Man
    2017-2018 A four part TV program based on the concept of how to build a better man.

A sampling of TV specials produced entirely by Eclipse Television includes:

  • The Year in Sports
    An hour-long year-end wrap showcasing sports' greatest moments, "The Year in Sports" covers both traditional sports (NFL, PGA and NBA) and emerging/extreme sports (snowboarding, motocross, mountain biking) and has aired for 15 consecutive years in syndication.
  • Restoration Home for the Holidays
Eclipse created and syndicated this one-hour special in a targeted effort to promote Restoration Hardware's holiday shopping season.
  • Today's Environment
    A six part series on how to minimize your footprint and live an environmentally healthy life.
  • Hi Tech Toys for the Holidays
    A one-hour shopping guide to the holiday-season's ultimate hi-tech gifts. Aired for 15 straight years.
  • America's Passions Television Series
    Airing quarterly, "America's Passions" explores such time-honored hobbies and activities as motorcycling, pets, vintage cars, the outdoors and parenting.
  • EA Sports' Roundball Classic
 The combination of high-definition live coverage and hour-long syndication propelled America's most prestigious high-school hoops game to the highest viewership of any prep all-star game in the country.
  • Americas Heroes
    Developed under the "America's Passions" umbrella and presented by Ford, Eclipse produced and distributed this one-hour salute to some of the country's most prominent contributors to humanity.

Other credits

  • Syndicated Properties
    Eclipse is the exclusive distributor of numerous heralded television properties, including World Mountain Bike Championships, Did you Ever Wonder? – a children's series, Ultimate Living – a lifestyle show presented by Sutter Home, and High Performance Golf.
  • Eclipse's Television Distribution division has been hired by NBC, CBS and a multitude of corporate advertisers/event producers (TEVA Mountain Games, Hawaiian Tropic, Vail Valley Foundation, etc.) to distribute various TV programs on a national level.
  • Eclipse has developed a strong relationship with many national and international sponsors, a sampling of which includes: GoPro, Purina, EA Sports, Ford, Chrysler/Jeep, Visa, AT&T, Charles Schwab, Honda, Coke, Columbia Sports, Nestle, Sam Goody, Lexus, Pepsi, Milk, John Paul Mitchell Systems, Motorola and Infinity.
  • Eclipse created a unique racing format for the action-sports arena known as the "Y," which features dueling competitors beginning the race on parallel dual-slalom tracks (the prongs of the Y) before converging midway down the course to race side-by-side (the crux of the Y). With a slogan of "Beyond X, Get to the Y," the Jeep King of the Mountain Ski and Snowboard World Championships quickly became the most successful winter-sports program in America, boosted by six hours of network-TV coverage.
  • In 2003, the Jeep King of the Mountain series welcomed the World Professional Mountain Bike Championships, to make for year-round competition.